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February 2015

Theo is continuing to enjoy his vegan food. More and more of his dog friends are joining, so the benefits of a vegan dog diet can reach beyond their own lives.

An article in the Guardian from 13th November 2009 was headlined:  “Britain’s problem with pets: they are bad for the planet.”  It talks about the high carbon footprint of our pets, comparing their food with the ecological footprint of citizens from Vietnam and Ethiopia.  However, the author was certainly not referring to our vegan pets, because a vegan diet has a much lower carbon footprint, which translates into using less water, resources, energy, transport, crops and labour for the production.  Vegan food is also lower in pollution and waste production. Of course we also know vegan food has the attributes of being clean and compassionate, since no animal needed to suffer or give their life to feed our pets.

The good news is that our pets do not need to sacrifice taste in order to be environmentally friendly. Vegan food is appetisingly natural, and does not contain additives, which in themselves can cause serious health and behavioural problems.

So our pets, apart from giving us unconditional love, can also do their bit for the environment by having a light carbon paw print.

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