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Outdoor circuit training

IMG_1350March 2015

Each Thursday morning it is outdoor circuit training “whatever the weather whether we like it or not”. All different cells of the body are being stimulated on that morning, various sets of muscles, the spine and skeletal system, the physical and emotional brain, the endocrine system, the lungs and organs. Training starts as soon as you open the first kennel cage at the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT).

Up to 14 dogs are ready and waiting for the volunteers to spend a nice time with them. Minzi, the¬†chihuahua, teaches you balance. As you intend on your walk with her to step forward with your right foot, Minzi decides to just claim the same spot by running under your foot. Most of our walk is tailored around to practise balance, poise and good eye and leg coordination to avoid any collision. Bounce, the large german shepherd dog, can’t wait to be out on the lawn and certainly stimulates your arm, shoulder, and leg muscles by pulling you along at his speed whilst you are hanging on to the other end of his lead.

Next are Chloe and Cindy, two king charles spaniels,who teach you a staccato walk. Two steps forward together or sideways, stopping and then stepping backwards. At the same time unwinding both leads either in front or behind you. Excellent for muscle control. Charlie, in the next kennel, has been watching and sniffing you as his nose seems bigger then his body. Out on a walk he follows a scent with you having no idea where this might take us to or where to place your next step.

Observation and being fully prepared makes our walk fun. Anni, the tiny terrier, who’s legs must be 10 times stronger than mine, runs several laps around the paddock without stopping. This mini marathon livens up your lungs. Next, I walk Lena, the golden retriever. She prefers to stay close by you and your treats but likes to jump up to give lots of kisses. Again, it is a good idea to stay completely alert , be ready and quick for rewards when she is walking nicely with you.

At every cage there awaits a different physical, mental or emotional challenge. The morning is completed by taking Lulu, the saluki, who had been patiently waiting all along for his turn to the playing field. And as you step onto the muddy rubber matt leading into the field, you do the splits.

I am leaving fully worked out, sweaty, wet and muddy, sometimes dry and best of all you receive a huge payment which is paid directly into your heart account in notes of unconditional love. Wouldn’t want to miss any of those Thursday morning workout classes.

If you would like to apply for being a volunteer at NAWT please contact them:At NAWT

NAWT Hertfordshire
Tylers Way
WD25 8WT
Phone Number:
0208 950 0177 (option 2)
Centre Manager:
Jackie de Friez

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