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You may have found my website because you have been looking into changing your dog’s diet, or your dog is not as well as you would like her/him to be, or perhaps you are dissatisfied with the quality of dog food currently on the market.

It is my pleasure to introduce Theo our vegan dog to you. Theo joined us five years ago. He has lived on a vegan diet ever since and absolutely loves his food. It was so easy to swap him over.

Before Theo joined us I had no idea that it was possible for dogs to live on a vegetarian or vegan diet. But dogs are omnivores, which allows them to switch diets easily. Vegetarian food finely balances protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, making it a complete nutritious diet for dogs.

I often get the comment;  But dogs need to eat meat because they need animal protein. However, when you actually study the labels of common dog food it shows that it sometimes contains only as much as 4% of named meat such as chicken or tuna, the rest is classified as animal or vegetable derivatives. Animal derivatives could be any slaughterhouse waste or undesired parts such as hooves, ears and tails from animals. It could even be from sick animals.

At present we have the best veterinary care but our dogs are faced with serious diseases such as:  heart problems, obesity, kidney failure, liver problems, hip replacements and more. Health practitioners relate these conditions to meat consumption.

It is overlooked that when dogs joined human settlers thousands of years ago, they not only changed their habitat and behaviour but also their diet. They became foragers and lived off left-over food given to them by people. Dogs would not have been tolerated if they would have killed livestock.

Since around 1960, when dog food companies started to promote a meat-only diet for dogs it was also instilled into our minds that they need a high level of animal protein. Protein is sufficiently contained in grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Our dogs can eat most of these foods. Please check the links under FAQ on my website to find out about foods which are hazardous for dogs.

Too much animal protein can actually be damaging for dogs as excess amounts are laid down in the soft tissues of their joints. This can cause stiffness, pain and inflammation which can turn into arthritis at a later stage. It is worth remembering that the strongest animals on our planet such as the elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, rhino, cow and horse are all living on a vegan diet.

Please look up the  Testimonials  and find out about more benefits of a vegan diet for your dog.