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Jaclyn writes about Gemma the German Shepherd Dog
Most of us go, what, give dogs vegan food?! .. No, they are carnivores and they only eat meat. Well let me tell you, Gemma has had two hip replacements, but now since being on the vegan food her joints are much more mobile. It has helped to completely alkaline her system. We also have less acidic patches on the lawn. German Shepherds are known to have very sensitive digestive systems and I have observed that since she has been on the vegan food she has had less problems with her bowel movements. There is also plenty of fibre in the veggie nuggets which makes picking up the waste easier.

Everyone comments on how lovely her coat is which means what is good on the inside is reflected on the outside. There are so many benefits to being on this diet, so be kind to your pet and keep them healthy and happy for longer.

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