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Agnes has great intuition as a therapist and the remedy was spot on and I can now enjoy walking Gemma with confidence again and not worry about her attacking other dogs.

Earlier in the year I took my dog Gemma to see Agnes and wished I had seen her earlier.

Gemma for some unknown reason had started to change her behaviour in a way I had never seen before.  She is five years old and started attacking other dogs whilst walking off lead if they came into her space.  Gemma being a German Shepherd caused anxiety to myself and obviously other owners that I had been passing at the same location for many years.  I tried taking her to a trainer but he was teaching me ways which were quite alien to how I wanted my dog to be and even considered muzzling her, although if there had been nasty attacks I would have had to resort to this.  I even took her to the vets to have her blood tested for thyroid and any other hormonal imbalances.  There was nothing unusual there so I contacted Agnes.

After consulting my vet, Agnes performed a thorough consultation of myself and carefully observed Gemma.  We were given our first remedy to clear any old disturbances that had happened in her life.  After six weeks and close monitoring we then changed her remedy and the results were quite remarkable at the end of that course.

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